Our services


We made the following analisys to offer a constant monitoring of yours wines from fermenting moment to the bottling one: Total acidity, Volatile acidity, Alcoholic strength by volume, Sulphur dioxide, pH, Copper, iron, Calcium, tartaric Acid, Potassium, tartaric stability, protein stability, catechins research, total dry matter, Microbiological analysis, sensory analyses.

Equipments and machinery

We equip and design your cellar, from receiving grapes to bottling time. Between all the items, we single out: vibrating plate hoppers, mobile belt elevators, destemmers-crushers, presses, grapes pumps, wine pumps, stainless steel – cement tanks, stackable tanks, self filling tanks, autoclaves, barrels, barriques, sheet filter, vacuum filter, cross flow filter, microfilters, labeling machine, filling machine, PVC pallets and much more.

Winemaking products

We have a large range of products to make-keep-age your wine (also in BIO system), among which: yeasts, nutrients, bacteria, inactivated yeasts, enzymes, purifying products, corks, stainless steel connector, detergents, filter sheets, tubes, bag in box and much more.


We install wine tapping system in your sales points or according to your needs or projects.

impianti di spillatura

Tank rent

We rent foodgrade gas tanks, such as: Argon, carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Nitrogen.

Machinery rent

We rent many machines like: labelling machine, bottling machine, screw cap closure machine, bag in box filler and more.

Mechanical workshop

We have a small laboratory to repair the machines, to offer assistance - maintenance operations and also tubes preparation.