Term of sales


Each operation is regulated by order of L.D. 21st February 2014 n.21 Implementation of the directive 2011/83/UE on customers rights, amending the regulation of 93/13/CEE and 1999/44/CE that revoke the legislations 85/577/CEE and 97/7/CE. (14G00033) (GU General Series n.58 of 11th March 2014) entry in to force on 26/03/2014 and, regarding the protection of privacy, is claused by legislation of L.D. n.196/2003.

This contract has to object the product trade sold by Emporio Enologico Albese Srl through telematic system www.emporioenologico.com. At the moment when the customer access and he uses the website www.emporioenologico.com and he must examinate and accept the sale condition before confirm the purchase from the website. The forward confirmation entailed the total knowledge of sale condition and their reception. So, we'll invite you to read all and print or save it, to satisfy the condition of Art. 3 and 4 of D. Leg. n.185/1999. The customer can quit to access on website or use it if he won't accept and respect the terms.



The purchase of available products such as illustrated and described on line, on their technical sheet, are carried out at the shown price, in euros. The tax management is reported on this page at the paragraph "Management of VAT tax". The fees aren't included but are shown at the purchase moment. Before confirm, will display you all the products selected and their cost, the sum total and the fees. Confirming the purchase you'll receive an email including data, amount and its features.



The order is approved by telematics selection on web site www.emporioenologico.com. The end of contract is conditioned by the customer complete payment, using one of the allowed payment mode. The subjects forced to ask the bill, have to inform their VAT number and all the data necessary for the issuance..

The tax bill could be issued after the goods delivery, but no later than the time prescribed by law.



The managing of VAT tax is applied depending the mode below reported. It changes according the country and VAT position of the customer.

Italian customerVAT included for individuals and taxable subjects VAT
UE customerVAT excluded for taxable subjects – VAT included for individuals
EXTRACEE customerVAT excluded for individuals and taxable subjects



The purchase can be made only by adults. However, if a minor purchases an item, providing false information about age, or if he gives false information to purchase a good and/or to acces to desired data; the parents are directly responsible of the purchase and its payment, having regard to the terms of withdrawal contract, reported in “Condition of sale”.



The price present on www.emporioenologico.com are valid for all Italy, UE Countries and ExtraCEE Countries; and they are inclusive of packaging and with the application of VAT tax as described inside the paragraph “Management of VAT tax”.

For each shipping will be charged fees of transport depending the weight of goods as shown on the table below. The total shipping cost is, clearly, reported during the phase of composition of yours shopping cart.


Shipping in ITALY

(VAT included for individulas and taxable subjects)
0-2Penisola: 8,5; Isole e Calabria: 11,00
2-5Penisola: 9; Isole e Calabria: 14,40
5-10Penisola: 11,50; Isole e Calabria: 16,50
10-20Penisola: 14,10; Isole e Calabria: 20
20-30Penisola: 17,70; Isole e Calabria: 23,10
30-40Penisola: 21,70; Isole e Calabria: 29
40-50Penisola: 25,70; Isole e Calabria: 35
50-70Penisola: 33,50; Isole e Calabria: 45
70-100Penisola: 41; Isole e Calabria: 55
100-200Penisola: 60; Isole e Calabria: 80
200-300Penisola: 80; Isole e Calabria: 100
300-400Penisola: 155; Isole e Calabria: 175
400-500Penisola: 192; Isole e Calabria: 220
500-600Penisola: 250; Isole e Calabria: 270
600-700Penisola: 300; Isole e Calabria: 330
700-800Penisola: 340; Isole e Calabria: 380
800-900Penisola: 390; Isole e Calabria: 430
900-1000Penisola: 450; Isole e Calabria: 550


Shipping in:
Austria, France, Germany, Netherland, Spain

(IVA esclusa per soggetti passivi IVA)


Shipping in:
Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Portugal

(IVA esclusa per soggetti passivi IVA)


Shipping in IRELAND

(IVA esclusa per privati e soggetti passivi IVA)


The products payment and relatives fees could be made during the order confirmation using credit card or using bank transfer.

The purchase through credit card needs of its card data. Emporio Enologico Albese Srl uses, for this kind of transaction, the safe system XPAY CARTASI’. The info collection of your credit card data happens with the SSL system (Secure Sockets Layer), the most widely system, with the primary task to guarantee the secrecy and the reliability of communications between pc of customer and bank server. It works through the data encrypting at 128 bit. Using this SSL system, the customer data will transfer, exclusively, to XPAY CARTASI’ server.

For more information on the available payment methods, please refer to this page: Shipping and Payements



For the e-commerce service, Emporio Enologico Albese Srl uses courier to delivery ,only, in Italy. The products bought are delivered at the address, that is indicated during the buying procedure. Each shipping contains the ordered goods and the waybill.

The delivery time are 30 days, maximum, as says the law. Emporio Enologico Albese undertakes to deliver as soon as possible.

The hand delivery at customer home provides fees that could change depending the weight, as shown in table.
At the delivery moment, the customer has to verify that the goods are unbroken, not wet and without damages. Exclusively after this control, he must accept the delivery, otherwise he cans reject the goods. If the goods get damaged or broken, to the customer, Emporio Enologico Albese Srl undertakes to replace the goods at his own expenses, exclusively, if the verification of the damage have been in front of the courier or have been specified on the waybill with the voice “goods unchecked”

In case there’s no conformity between order and delivery, the customer has to notify calling  +39 0173 35937 or sending e-mail at ecommerce@emporioenologico.com



Emporio Enologico Albese Srl  guarantees the right of withdrawal of the purchase contract in reference of L.D. 21st February 2014, n.21 Implementation of rights costumer's directive 2011/83/UE; amending the directive 93/13/CEE and 1999/44/CE that repeals the directive 85/577/CEE and 97/7/CE. (14G00033) (GU general series n.58 of March 11 2014) came into effect on March 26th 2014 

The costumer may exercise the right of withdrawal no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods. This right will be exercise using a form issued that you can find below and send it immediately through e-mail ecommerce@emporioenologico.com  or through fax +39  0173 35562, also through postal service  Emporio Enologico Albese Srl, Strada Porini, 1/b - 12050 Guarene (CN) Italy or through calling  +39 0173 35937. 


The goods must be returned to Emporio Enologico Albese Srl undamaged, intact and completed of the original packaging, the fees have to be payed by the client, no later than 15 days from the withdrawal notice. Emporio Enologico Albese Srl will provide for repayment of lease payments (including the first shipping fees in case of total withdrawal of the order) no later than 14 days from the date when Emporio Enologico Albese Srl receives the right withdrawal notice and in any case not before received the shipment of goods and check the state of them or received the shipping confimation. The cost and the risks associated with returning back of goods will be charge to costumer.


It is specified that the Community legislation expected that the right of withdrawal is exercisable only by the individuals (Customers) that acting for purposes which may be considered cutting out from his business.
The right of withdrawal can't be exercised by legal entities or by individuals that acting for purposes connected to a business. Remain excluded from the right of withdrawal also the purchase realized by sellers or entities that in any capacity buy and sell to third parties. The right of withdrawal doesn't apply to supply of goods made to measure or personalized or that, for their nature, can't be re-send or if resent they may deteriorate rapidly. It is specified that, even with rewards program (Promotion), inside that the purchase of a good is coupled to other one sold at a low price or given, the right of withdrawal will be exercised with the return of both goods, notwithstanding the constraint of accessoriness of promoted good respect the first..

For any signal, complaint or support claim is possible to contact directly the address ecommerce@emporioenologico.com quoting your personal data and the number of order.


Click here to download the form to complete if necessary.


  1. Emporio Enologico Albese Srl cannot be held responsible for any damage originated form improper use of service offered by www.emporioenologico.com. Under no circumstance Emporio Enologico Albese Srl, and his employees aren’t responsible to users or someone else.

  2. Emporio Enologico Albese Srl cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions inside www.emporioenologico.com or any website where references can be made.

  3. Emporio Enologico Albese Srl reserves the right to update the website www.emporioenologico.com that could be made whenever. The informations could contain any type of mistakes or typing errors.

  4. Emporio Enologico Albese Srl doesn’t guarantee that the services on www.emporioenologico.com will offer without interruptions, what will be referred in advance or for causes not under Emporio Enologico Albese Srl responsibility.

  5. Emporio Enologico Albese Srl is the unique responsible to value the completeness, the accuracy and the utility of what provided on www.emporioenologico.com

  6. Emporio Enologico Albese Srl declines any responsibility for the buyers or third parts for indirect, resulting, random, punitory, exemplary damages (including the loss of revenues, business opportunities, profit ecc) came out of or connected to a product-service provided Emporio Enologico Albese Srl, so if the goods were used or not used.

  7. Emporio Enologico Albese Srl 7. cannot be held for any delay due to cases of force majeure as: incident, explosion, blaze, strike, flood, earthquake and other similar events, that impede in full or in part, on time according on the contract. Emporio Enologico Albese Srl 7. declines any responsibility for any damage, in case one of the abovementioned events, concerning loss or cost suffred by lack of contract performing. The customer have the right of return his money (price paid).

  8. 8. Without prejudice to hypothesis of fraud by Emporio Enologico Albese Srl, the responsibility of  Emporio Enologico Albese Srl 8. ouldn’t be more than the price paid by the customer for his goods, whatever kind of protest is expressed. This condition doesn’t change although is established the, wholly or partly, default responsibility by Emporio Enologico Albese Srl.



It’s required by the user to verify that their own data are truthful, uploaded, complete and also to inform any changes of the same. In case you’ll provide false statement, it’s considered the loss of gained beneficts. Emporio Enologico Albese Srl reserves the right to elide this subjects from the user list, after formal and not accepted invitation.



The present contract is disciplined by the Italian Republic law. For any dispute applicable to present contract is binded the court of Asti.



Given that on www.emporioenologico.com don't intend to copy any copyright material or violation of law, given that also for any original and protected material published on www.emporioenologico.com is provided the source, if it is found violation of copyright material, whatever is the holder, he must inform the staff www.emporioenologico.com  (email to ecommerce@emporioenologico.com, or telephone +39 0173 35937) that will investigate immediately and solve, after situation found, removing content. Became very clearly that each product or name of product and their distribution, each Denomination and relative description, company, name of person, brand, logo mentioned on this website are brand or processed belonging to owners that could be protect by patents and/or copyright, which is granted or enrolled by competent authorities. It states that all the contents of www.emporioenologico.com,such as text, files, tables, information, HTML, grafic, logo, icons, images, audio, video, compiling (collection, placement, assembly), all the software, applications projects, algorithm, data bank, etc… used in website are to be considered exclusive property of Emporio Enologico Albese Srl or of his contents providers and of products protected by national law. (DL 663/1941 and subsequent amendments), international on Copyright, on patents and on these relative intellectual and/or industrial property; the user can’t change, duplicate, distribute, transmit, reproduce, advertise, sublicense, create derivative work, transfer or sell information, software, products or service obtained from this website also without no profit action. All different use from allowed one present in “General conditions and Sales conditions” of Emporio Enologico Albese Srl on www.emporioenologico.com including the reduction, the changing, the distribution, the transmission, the reprint, the visualisation or the content performance of this website is not allowed; and any use not allowed of the resources on www.emporioenologico.com means a violation of Copyright, unless more severe illicit, it exposes the responsible to resulting civil and criminal consequences provided by art. 171,171bis, 171ter,174bis, 174ter, of law 633/1941 and subsequent amendments.



Art. 13 of DL 196/2003 "Code regarding personal data" we inform the customer that the traitments of given data to Emporio Enologico Albese Srl during the account registration on web-site, aim to register the user and to conclude the sale transaction. The date providing is an optional but any providing refusal determine the on-line purchase impossibility.

The provided personal data are collected by telematic means and treated, also with the help of electronic means, directly and-or through third entusted (courier, mail serivce and for data entry) for below purpose:

  • amministrative manage in orders and purchase;

  • manage customer loyalty programs;

  • statistic goal connected of purchasing behavior;

  • forwarding of advertising material, relative to products, offered by the use of newsletter, sms, mms.

Entrusted specific subject will have access to the customer's infomations. Employees that need of them to perform their tasks or by virtue of their work position, knowing all the privacy and treatments of personal data rules or connected to expedite an order or sending advertising communication and promotions. May possibly be involved third service providers (entrusted, external representative) strictly functional to perform the contract such as: courier, payment service company, consultant, call center or data entry company.

Anyhow Emporio Enologico Albese Srl undertakes to not communicate the data to uncessary subjects for perform and complete service mentioned above. Under Art.7 DL 196/2003, the customer has the right to obtein the confirmation of the existance or not of personal data concerning him and their communicaiton intelligible form. He has the right to obtain indication:

  1. the origin of their personal data;

  2. the purposes and methods of processing;

  3. the methods by which the electronic/computer instruments process the data;

  4. all the identification data of: owner, responsable and appointed representative of art.5 paragraph 2;

  5. of subjects or class of subjects to those the personal data could be communicated or could be known in quality of appointed representative or entrusted.

He has right to obtain:

  1. the updating, correction and/or integration of their personal data;

  2. the cancellation of such data in the event of unlawful processing and/or in all other cases permitted by law, blocking the data processed in breach of the law;

  3. the attestation that the operations a) and b) are made known, also as regard their content, to those who are spreaded their datas. Excepted the case in which proves impossible or needs employment of excessives meausures compared to the right protected.

He has the right to oppose, fully or partly:

  1. the processing of their personal data, even where pertinent to the purpose for which it was collected;

  2. for legitimate reasons and for the purposes of sending advertising materials, direct sales and for market research purposes.

The Data Controller is Emporio Enologico Albese Srl with registered office in Strada Porini 1/b - 12050 Guarene (CN) Italia P.IVA 01970770044.

To exercise the right provided to art.7 of DL 196/2003 is necessary to write mail to Emporio Enologico Albese Srl,  Strada Porini, 1/b - 12050 Guarene (CN) Italy or send an e-mail at: ecommerce@emporioenologico.com to the attention of Data Processor.