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The manage of work's descarge height is guarantee by an hydraulic jack activate by hand.
· Garolla junction diameter 100 with closing cap, to inspeact and clean the in neautral roller
· inox hopper adapt for the case (Harvest by hand), with a screwed closure on the backside. Dimension 970x760 mm
· Inox hopper adapt for the bins. Dimension 1600x1430 mm
· Quinck coupling for hopper change
· Receiving tank, with a Din 50 F connection
· Scraper to clean the inside part of the belt
· Small, removable, easy clean receiving tank.
· Belt made on PVC, atoxic, suitable for foodstuff, large 400 mm, curved strips high 50 mm
· Wheelbase lenght 3250 mm
· Descarge height minimum 1750 mm, maximum 2350 mm
· Mud flaps high 500 mm, made on plastic texture. Placed at the descarge point.
· Gearmotor of 0,75 Kw
· Power supply 400 V - 50 Hz - Ph 3
· All mounted on 4 pivoting wheels, all with holding brake
· The capacity of work is managed by a mechanical variator rounds. 5-15 Ton/h depending on the quality of grapes and inclination of belt.
· On board control panel made on PVC, with electric outlet and red emergency stop button.
· CE declaration of conformity