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suitable to clean tonneaux too (300-400-500 L) trough an optional inox extecion.
It is very handy to use, it's the best machine to clean the barriques without move them or in tight spaces.
This machine wash and aspire at the same time. It aspire solid part since 5 mm of diameter. It has altready the function of only aspire to drain the barrique.
this function is activated closing the valve near the aspire kit.
This machine works with a power washer (not supplied) that provide minimum 13 L/min of water (max 21 L/min) and with the power supply.
The nozzle bears hot water until 100 °C and a maximum pression of 150 bar.
The motor group, placed on the horizontal axle reduce the envelope of the machine, works with 220 V - 50 Hz with a transformer system 12 Volt with supllied plug.