Our services

Discover our services, from analyzes for wine control, to the sale and rental of equipment and machinery for the production of wine, oil and beer.


We carry out the following analyzes for the constant control of your wines, from fermentation to bottling: Total acidity, Volatile acidity, Distillation alcohol, total So2, free So2, PH, Copper research, Iron research, Calcium research, 'Tartaric acid, Potassium research, Tartaric stability, Protein stability, Residual sugars, Total sugars, Acetaldehyde, Malolactic with chromatographic method, Coloring intensity, Catechins research, Reduced dry extract, Yeast count, Organoleptic analysis.

Equipment and Machinery

We equip and design your cellar from the reception of the grapes to the release into the bottle. Among the various items we remember: vibrating tables for grape sorting, elevator belts, crushers, destemmers, presses, pallet boxes for pomace, pomace pumps, decanting pumps, stainless steel and cement tanks, self-filling tanks, palletisable tanks, stackable tanks, autoclaves, barrels, barriques, cardboard filters, flour filters, tangential filters, microfilters, labeling machines, bottling lines, taping machines, metal containers for storing bottles, plastic pallets for export and much more.


We have a wide range of products to produce, preserve and refine your wines (possibly also for organic production) including: yeasts, activators, malolactic bacteria, refinement products, tannins, fining agents, preservatives, raw materials, corks, capsules, stainless steel fittings, detergents, filter sheets and microfilter cartridges, pipes, Bag in Box and much more.


We install tapping systems for bulk wine, in your points of sale, based on your projects and your needs.

Cylinder rental

We provide the rental service for food gas cylinders, in particular Argon, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen.

Machine Rental

We provide a machinery rental service: labeling machine, screw cap capper, shellac application machine, Bag in Box filler, filling/capping monobloc.

Mechanical workshop

We have a small mechanical workshop for general repairs, assembly of hose clamps and maintenance and assistance work on your machinery.