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We welcome customers by providing a consultancy service both regarding the use of wine products and the design of systems and equipment.

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Oenological products, systems and equipment for the production of wine, beer, oil.



Go Ferm Sterol Flash

Go Ferm Sterol Flash

GO-FERM STEROL FLASH™ è un nuovo protettore naturale per la fase di reidratazione, a base di autolisato di lievito unico ad alta concentrazione e biodisponibilità di ergosterolo. Messo a punto graz...


Self-brett è uno strumento innovativo per il rilevamento semi-quantitativo di Brettanomyces in bevande alcoliche. Pronto-facile-economico. Contattaci per maggiori info


ISIOX® is an innovative technology for the management of gases dissolved in wine, born within the Freewine® project in an overall framework of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

We are Lallemand resellers

Lallemand products

We are exclusive resellers of the Lalvin Regional Range and the Uvaferm Range for Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d'Aosta.

Oenological products, systems and equipment

Wine, Beer, Oil

We provide a consultancy service regarding the use of oenological products and the design of systems and equipment

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Over 40 years of experience

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We carry out the following analyzes to constantly monitor your wines, from fermentation to bottling.

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